Our Mission

The Southern California Institute of Emotion Focused Therapy is recognized by the ISEFT (International Society for Emotion Focused Therapy). Our goal is to promote the application, training and further development of Emotion Focused Therapy.

All workshops and trainings are APA and BBC approved. We provide continuing education certification for psychologists, Social workers, Marriage and Family Therapists and licensed professional counselors. 

EFT Trainers

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Director, York University EFT Clinic
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We welcome you to the Emotion Focused Therapy community in Southern California!

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I am a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in private practice and the founder of Southern California Institute of Emotion Focused Therapy in

Los Angeles. 

MY Story with EFT

Shortly after becoming a licensed therapist, I noticed that in order to help my clients more effectively, I need to learn more about emotion work. Coincidentally, I found one of the earlier books on EFT about working with emotions in psychotherapy by

Dr. Leslie Greenberg! 

That book immediately caught my attention and I became fascinated by its rich content in theory and in-dept clinical examples and I could not put it down! 

Thus my journey with EFT started and continued by traveling to different locations in the US to take EFT workshops and trainings with

Dr. Greenberg.

EFT trainings equipped me with

deeper understanding of emotions

and solid structure in how to use emotional processing

 in session with clients to assist them

in healing the past wounds by working thru painful emotions to healthier emotional processing.

Therefore, I felt responsible to bring EFT to California and create an EFT community!

Since the beginning of 2017, we've had EFT workshops and experiential in-depth EFT-I trainings, which attracted many clinicians.

Join the EFT community in Southern California by
taking EFT trainings at our Institute!