Emotion-Focused Therapy Training Level 2, 2020 Description:

The Transforming Power of Affect

Friday to Monday, October 23-26, 2019– 9am to 4:30pm 

Day 1 (9:00 Am to 4:30 Pm)

Advanced Emotion Assessment
Productive and unproductive Arousal
Marker Identification
Case Formulation
Issues in identifying markers of Splits & Unfinished business ·Additional markers: self-interruption, vulnerability, trauma, alliance ruptures

Day 2 (9:00 Am to 4:30 Pm)

Two Chair Enactments for Self Interruption
Identifying and enacting the how of interruption
Accessing the interrupted emotion
Advanced Work with Two Chair Dialogue – The Process
Sensing the opposed forces · Following & leading
Dealing with collapsing & impasses
Self soothing dialogues

Breaks into small experiential groups feedback provided by Dr. Greenberg.

Day 3 (9:00 Am to 4:30 Pm)

Advanced Work with Unfinished Business – The Process & Variants
Evocation of emotion · The interruptive process
The letting go process · Forgiveness
Imaginal Restructuring

Breaks into small experiential groups feedback provided by Dr. Greenberg.

Day 4 (9:00 Am to 4:30 Pm)

Continued Practice and Supervision
Difficult clients & processes
Applications to specific populations & problems
Case Formulation for specific disorders​

Breaks into small experiential groups feedback provided by Dr. Greenberg.

 About the Presenter

Serine Warwar, PhD., C. PSYCH

DR. SERINE WARWAR, PH.D., C. PSYCH (swarwar@cpeh.ca) is the Director of the Center for Psychology and Emotional Health (www.cpeh.ca), a private practice for individuals and couples therapy in downtown Toronto where she also provides EFT supervision, training, and consultation to graduate students and therapists. She is also an adjunct faculty member of the Emotion-Focused Therapy Clinic, a division of the York University Psychology Clinic. She conducts international trainings and workshops on emotion regulation, EFT for individuals and couples, and resolving emotional injuries and forgiveness in couples. In addition, she has been an EFT skills trainer for 26 years.
Dr. Warwar has adapted and applied EFT in working with vulnerable clinical populations such
as: chronically suicidal individuals, domestically violent men in prison, borderline personality
disorder, and psychological and physical trauma.
Dr. Warwar has been a therapist and researcher for several EFT randomized control trials, for the treatment of depression, and emotional injuries in individuals and couples. As the Research and Treatment Co-ordinator, she co-developed an EFT psychotherapy treatment and research program for forgiveness to help couples and individuals resolve emotional injuries. In addition, she has conducted process-outcome research that has improved our understanding of emotional processing in EFT.
Dr. Warwar has published in the areas of emotional processing, emotion regulation, homework and experiential teaching, suicide and borderline personality disorder, resolving emotional injuries, and forgiveness in couples. She emphasizes experiential teaching and coaching clients to further their in-session work through assigning marker-guided homework. She has a special interest in identifying in-session micro-markers and micro-skills in EFT that facilitate change. In addition, she enjoys working with challenging clients and offers consultation to individuals and couples who are working with other therapists and are at an impasse. She finds great beauty and joy in the work that she does with clients and loves supervising therapists on their EFT work.

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