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Working with Shame and Anger
From The EFT Approach

April 19th and 20th, 2024 
Time: 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM Pacific Standard Time

Presenter: Dr. Leslie Greenberg
Format: Live on Zoom 
Continuing Education Credits:
7 hours


This workshop is designed by Dr. Leslie Greenberg, an international leader in the field of psychotherapy and emotion, and it is tailored for mental health professionals and graduate students from various psychotherapy training backgrounds. 

In addition to didactic presentation of theory and discussion with participants, sections of an APA in-person therapy video series on working with shame and anger will be used to teach participants how to apply therapy interventions.

This Workshop provides 7 APA approved Continuing Education hours for Psychologists, Social Workers, LPCs, and Marriage and Family Therapists.

Rate & Registration

Regular fee, $279 due by April 18th, 2024

Early registration discount fee, $195 by March 17th, 2024

Student discount fee, $195 by April 18th, 2024

There is an additional $10 for all electronic payments such as credit card or PayPal.

If you are paying by credit card or PayPal using the button below please add $10 to the fee.

To avoid the additional fee you can

  • use Zelle to make the payment. Please use the phone number (310)383-5654 to identify the bank account on Zelle. 


  • write a check to Southern California Institute of Emotion Focused Therapy and mail it to

       SoCal Institute of Emotion Focused Therapy

      18345 Ventura Blvd. #507

      Tarzana, CA. 91356


Core unhealthy shame is a major source of psychological distress and human suffering. Shame results in feelings of worthlessness and self- contempt, difficulties in interpersonal relationships, and problematic emotions such as unhealthy anger or rage. In contrast, assertive healthy anger is helpful and therapeutic to change core shame. As a therapist, knowing how to access assertive anger is fundamental in transforming shame as is accessing the sadness of grief related to childhood unmet needs.

Through the psychotherapeutic process, adaptive emotions are accessed to transform maladaptive emotions, and the therapist helps clients to develop positive identity and relationship narratives. This workshop is based on Emotion-Focused Therapy’s flexible treatment tenets and principles of change which can be viewed as a transdiagnostic approach to treatment, across many clinical populations and has been demonstrated to be an empirically validated approach to treatment.


This workshop describes emotion change principles to transform shame with anger and teaches participants how to use specific interventions to work with shame and anger to transform shame. 

Day 1 Outlines

  Shame: it’s Nature and Function
  Principles of Emotional Change
  Changing Emotion with Emotion
  Methods to Access the Maladaptive Emotion Scheme of Shame
  Bypassing Secondary Rage and a Collapsed Self

  Discussion on video 1


Day 2 Outlines
  Using Age Regression and Processing Childhood Memories to Activate Origin of the Maladaptive Emotion Scheme
  Accessing Healthy Adaptive Anger
  Accessing and Deepening the Sadness of Grief
  Meaning-Making and New Narratives

  Discussion on video 2

Participants will be able to: 

  • Describe emotion change principles to transform maladaptive shame to healthy anger, and then to healthy sadness of grief.

  • Use intervention for self-criticism to activate core maladaptive shame.

  • Use intervention for age regression to activate and deepen core maladaptive shame, and transform it healthy adaptive anger.

  • Use intervention for age regression to access childhood unmet needs and the healthy sadness of grief.

  • Help clients bypass secondary rage or hopelessness.

  • Help clients who have difficulty accessing their emotions.

  • Help clients develop new meaning and narratives, and re-story their experience.

Continuing Education

7 CE units can be obtained for an additional cost of $20 provided by the Insight Center.

Certificates are issued after the evaluation is submitted. $20 fee for CEs will be paid to the Insight Center. Instructions for the payment will be provided at the training. 

Psychologists: The Insight Center is approved by the American Psychological Association to sponsor continuing education for psychologists. The Insight Center maintains responsibility for this program and its content. 

MFTs / LCSWs / LPCs: The California Board of Behavioral Sciences accepts APA CEs. 


Cancellation Policy


We regret that we cannot accept any cancellation after you register and pay your deposit and/or pay in full. If for any reason the training is canceled, your full payment or Deposit will be returned to you.

SoCal Institute of EFT reserves the right to deny acceptance of any applicant, and to terminate participation of a participant from all or part of this training if the behavior of that participant interferes with the learning experience of other participants. In such cases, SoCal Institute of EFT will refund tuition paid to the participant for portions of the training that the participant will not attend as a result of their termination. The terminated participant will not be eligible for a Certificate of Completion for this training from SoCal Institute of EFT or the CE certification from the Insight Center.

For any questions regarding the training please contact Ladan Safvati, LMFT (310)383-5654

"You have to arrive at an emotion before you can leave it"
--- Les Greenberg ---

Changing Emotion With Emotion By Dr. Les Greenberg
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